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    Dosage of ROBAXIN

    The mode of robaxin action of methocarbamol has not been clearly identified, but may be related to its sedative properties .
    Methocarbamol does not directly relax tense skeletal robaxin 1000 mg how much is robaxin robaxin side effects robaxin effects robaxin 500 mg oral tablet muscles in man .
    CONTRAINDICATIONS robaxin® and robaxin®-750 are contraindicated in patients hypersensitive to methocarbamol or to any what is robaxin for robaxin abuse how often can you take robaxin robaxin allergic reactions robaxin of the tablet components .
    Since methocarbamol robaxin schedule class how does robaxin work buy robaxin no prescription robaxin medication robaxin may possess a general CNS depressant effect, patients receiving robaxin® or robaxin®-750 should be cautioned about combined effects with alcohol and other CNS Safe use of robaxin® and robaxin®-750 has not been established with regard to possible adverse effects upon fetal development .
    There have been reports of fetal and congenital abnormalities following in utero robaxin generic name robaxin high dose define robaxin how does robaxin work robaxin 750 robaxin exposure to methocarbamol .
    Therefore, robaxin® and robaxin®-750 should not be used in women who are or may become pregnant and particularly during early pregnancy unless in the judgment of robaxin schedule robaxin strength robaxin 250 mg robaxin vs soma robaxin 50 mg is robaxin an nsaid the physician the potential benefits outweigh the possible hazards (see PRECAUTIONS, Pregnancy) .
    Use in Activities Requiring robaxin Mental Alertness Methocarbamol may impair mental and/or physical abilities required for performance of hazardous tasks, such as operating machinery or driving a motor vehicle .

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